Grant Joseph Glazier

Grant was the energy in the room and the gravity of our family. He was the second of six kids. They looked up to him for morals, guidance and inspiration. His smile was radiant, his laugh even more contagious. He was always surrounded by friends, family or competition on the court. Grant would end every conversation with the words, “I love you – Peace out.”

His passing was very hard on everyone; it was hard to think of donation during that emotional time. Grant’s memory was best represented in giving life through his organ donation.

It helped our family through the agonizing grieving process by meeting with the organ recipients and sharing stories of Grant’s life and death. The mother of the son who received Grant’s heart expressed how she knew the tragedy of losing a son, since she herself, was experiencing the ominous loss until her son was ‘Grant’ed new life. Grant’s life continues to live on; he would be so proud of our decision to donate his organs.

Peace out!